Adult Book Review: The Bloodforged by Erin Lindsey


The epic saga that started in The Bloodbound continues…

As war between Alden and Oridia intensifies, King Erik must defend his kingdom from treachery and enemies on all sides—but the greatest danger lurks closer to home…

When the war began, Lady Alix Black played a minor role, scouting at the edge of the king’s retinue in relative anonymity. Though she’s once again facing an attacking Oridian force determined to destroy all she holds dear, she is now bodyguard to the king and wife to the prince.

Still, she is unprepared for what the revival of the war will mean. Erik is willing to take drastic measures to defend his domain, even if it means sending Prince Liam into a deadly web of intrigue and traveling into the perilous wild lands of Harram himself.

Only the biggest threat to the kingdom might be one that neither Alix nor Erik could have imagined, or prepared for.

Book Details

The Bloodforged by Erin Lindsey
A Bloodbound Novel Series # 2
Release Date: September 29, 2015
Adult Fiction, Epic Fantasy
Pages: Ace, 368 Pages
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4 Stars


My Review

THE BLOODFORGED is the second novel in the fantasy series that began with Erin Lindsey's Bloodbound, one that continues to excite and impress me with its deepening storyline filled with intricate political plotting, descriptive battles scenes, sorcery, twists, and of course a touch of romance, all surrounded by characters that leap of the page.

One of the elements that draw me back again to this series is the equally strong character portrayal of both its male and female characters. Told through multiple points of view, Erin Lindsey's writing makes it easy to follow each without confusion while the multi-point of view gives greater details and range to this epic fantasy.

BLOODFORGED gives readers plenty of opportunity to see what makes our characters tick by throwing Alix, King Erik, Prince Liam and our newest point of view Riggard Black into the arena of battles both on the field and politically, against enemies both seen and unseen, and against the very elements of nature, all the while dark sorcery is the backdrop for an added layer of deadly intrigue.

King Erik and Alix are sent on a mission that puts much to the test, and I loved witnessing their strengths and weaknesses as they battle avalanches and treacherous terrain while moving along enemy lines. As a heroine, Alix is a realistic balance of badass and nobleness, cunning and impetuous, fierce, loyal and protective - she resonates the kind of multifaceted character I love - one that has room to grow but is already so amazing! King Erik is a force to be reckoned with as he tries to hold his kingdom together while political forces and sorcery threaten at every turn. Noble and equally battle-ready, yet it is his quiet strength that fascinates me.

What surprised me in this second installment was the addition of Riggard Black's character, Alix's brother and commander general of the king's army, he added a great new perspective to the story and gives readers a behind the scenes look at battle planning and outmaneuvering in battles scenes.

Prince Liam, Alix's husband and now commander of the White Wolves also goes through some great character development. BLOODFORGED really allows him to shine. He has this wonderful sense of humor and practicality that makes him a perfect partner for Alix and warrior prince. Through his point of view, the reader is treated to some twisty political maneuverings and plotting of battles make for an action packed, thrilling read.

Recommended to readers who enjoy epic fantasy, BLOODFORGED is a terrific addition to the Bloodbound series. Lady Alix Black is fast becoming a favorite heroine of mine and I can't wait to read more from this fantastic series.