And I Darken by Kiersten White

What if Vlad the Impaler, the historical inspiration for Dracula, was a girl? A princess who is every bit as cunning and ruthless. With such an intriguing concept, And I Darken takes a unique look behind the historic Vlad, now as Lada Dragwlya - Princess of Wallachia. I could not resist this story with its promise to reveal what shaped her into the warrior princess whose very name would strike fear and respect into all. Warfare, political intrigue and the historical setting of the Ottoman Empire all made And I Darken a must read.

Blog Tour: Places No One Knows by Brenna Yovanoff

Places No One Knows is romantic, edgy, raw and dreamy.

Brenna Yovanoff is known for her distinctive writing style. Her novels are often infused with a mix of lyrical prose and dark supernatural touches. With her latest novel, Places No One Knows, Yovanoff writes a story of two refreshingly flawed teens learning to navigate the pressures of high school, family, friends, and romance. 

The Pages of the Mind by Jeffe Kennedy

I first discovered Jeffe Kennedy's stunning writing with her novel, Mark of the Tala, the first book in The Twelve Kingdoms series. Filled with a fantastic world, magic, and a swoon-worthy couple to love - I couldn't wait to pick up her newest book, The Pages of the Mind, which introduces a new spinoff series, The Uncharted Realms, featuring my favorite librarian, Dafne Mailloux.  

The Crown's Game by Evelyn Skye

THE CROWN'S GAME gives readers two young enchanters-in-training who must compete to the death in a magical battle of skills. Set amidst the vivid backdrop of Saint Petersburg, dangerous magic, and a forbidden romance make for an enticing read.

Wonders of the Invisible World by Patricia A. McKillip

Wonders of the Invisible World is an anthology of sixteen short stories by world fantasy award-winning author Patricia A. McKillip. This collection features a wonderful mix of her work with an introduction by Charles de Lint and a personal essay on what inspires McKillip. Readers will find her signature style as magic, the fey, and fairy tales meander across the pages. 

Blog Tour: Julia Vanishes by Catherine Egan

Murder, magic, thievery, and intrigue fill the pages in Catherine Egan's debut YA novel JULIA VANISHES. 

This is the first book in the Witches Child trilogy. This is the sort of read that draws you in, carefully placing clues and reveals, while cleverly drawing the reader into its dark lair. I had a hard time putting down Julia Vanishes. As I finished each chapter, I would flip to the next promising myself just one more - late into the night.

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire

EVERY HEART A DOORWAY gives readers a peek into the cracks and doorways of magical worlds. Worlds of wonder and whimsy, and then asks: "What if you were to tumble into one of these enchanting realms?" EVERY HEART A DOORWAY tells the story of what happens after, the Ever After. When the children who have tumbled down the rabbit hole or entered that wardrobe are no longer wanted, their magic all used up.