Persuasion by Martina Boone

Atmospheric and filled with romantic tension, PERSUASION is the second installment in the young adult series, the Heirs of Watson Island. Once again Ms. Boone fills the pages with rich, southern details and a dark Gothic mystery while our favorite couple to swoon over is back.

Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter

Sarah Porter’s Vassa in the Night brings to YA reading a magical story inspired by the Russian folktale “Vasilisa the Beautiful” and transforms it into a dark, edgy, kaleidoscope if inventiveness reflecting all the strange and twisted elements, making it an appealing and must read for fairy tale enthusiast. 

Little Nothing by Marisa Silver

Sometimes you open a book, and it opens doorways…

Lush and haunting, Marisa Silver’s LITTLE NOTHING blends fairy tale and folklore into an adventurous story. It begins ordinarily enough, with the birth of a baby girl, yet becomes a tale of magic and transformation. Silver’s imaginative prose blurs the lines of reality, softening the story's jagged edges - creating a twilight realm of possibilities. A Grimm story just for adults with an unlikely protagonist whose heroine’s journey is unforgettable. 

Nemesis by Anna Banks

Set in a vivid and lush fantasy world, NEMESIS by Anna Banks is the first book in a duology introducing Princess Sepora of Serubel, the last Forger in the Five Kingdoms, who finds herself captured by the neighboring enemy kingdom where she finds herself in service to Tarik, the newly crowned Falcon King of Theoria.

Aerie by Maria Dahvana Headley

Aerie is the second novel in Maria Dahvana Headley’s duology, Magonia, which was one of my favorite reads last year. As a fan of Headley’s writing and highly anticipated, Aerie ended up being an enjoyable read, if somewhat of a lesser loved one.