The Girl in Red by Christina Henry

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It's not safe for anyone alone in the woods. There are predators that come out at night: critters and coyotes, snakes and wolves. But the woman in the red jacket has no choice. Not since the Crisis came, decimated the population, and sent those who survived fleeing into quarantine camps that serve as breeding grounds for death, destruction, and disease. She is just a woman trying not to get killed in a world that doesn't look anything like the one she grew up in, the one that was perfectly sane and normal and boring until three months ago.

There are worse threats in the woods than the things that stalk their prey at night. Sometimes, there are men. Men with dark desires, weak wills, and evil intents. Men in uniform with classified information, deadly secrets, and unforgiving orders. And sometimes, just sometimes, there's something worse than all of the horrible people and vicious beasts combined.

Red doesn't like to think of herself as a killer, but she isn't about to let herself get eaten up just because she is a woman alone in the woods.

Book Details

The Girl in Red by Christina Henry
Releases on June 18, 2019 by Berkley
Fiction / Science Fiction / Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic
Trade Paperback, 304 pages
Source: Publisher
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars



THE GIRL IN RED is a dark and twisty, post-apocalyptic retelling of "Little Red Riding Hood" featuring a fierce heroine who must make it to her grandmother's house. Set in a world of dangerous creatures—both animal and man, Red isn't as defenseless as she seems!

“There are a lot of monsters out there, and all of them look like humans.”

I loved how dark and gritty the story was. Red knows every bad move a heroine can make (most of her knowledge comes from survival books and horror movies) and she doesn't take any chances. She carries an ax—and uses it!

“I am going to my grandma's house, and if you try to stop me I will slice off whatever I can reach and leave you here to bleed to death.”

Henry writes a page-turning tale of a world suddenly besieged by an unknown virus known as “the Crisis” which decimates the population leaving everyone left in fear of it.

Alternating past and present chapters reveal just what happened and how Red and her family are dealing with its aftermath. Readers will be on edge one moment and cheering on our snarky heroine next as she maneuvers between creatures and man—both bent on her destruction.

In the End

If you enjoy re-imagined fairy tales, then I definitely recommend you check The Girl in Red out. This is a survival tale with a touch of feminism and horror, perfect for fans of dark retellings.