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Book Review: Witchstruck by Victoria Lamb

Conjuring up images of dark magic, forbidden romance, and political intrigue, Witchstruck is a wonderful Witchy read.  With Victoria Lamb’s spellbinding writing, she captures the historical feel and setting of Tudor era, as well as the dangerous atmosphere of early 15th century Witch Hunting.

Get ready to be plunged into Victoria Lamb's fascinating tale of Tudor court intrigue and deadly witch-hunts. The year is 1554, Princess Elizabeth has just been imprisoned by her half-sister, Queen Mary, and sent to Woodstock as punishment. Sent to Woodstock to serve Princess Elizabeth, Meg Lytton's dark and powerful magical abilities are revealed to the outcast princess, who wants to use Meg's gifts to gain the Tudor throne. Meg’s world becomes even more dangerous when two very different gentlemen arrive at Woodstock and threaten her very existence.

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