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Book Review: Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George

“Then tell us this: what are the Claw and the Wing? And the Smoke?”

With SILVER IN THE BLOOD author, Jessica Day George creates a fun and entertaining story to escape to. Combining adventure and mystery with a fantastic Romanian setting, seventeen-year-old cousins Dacia and Lou find themselves caught between deadly family secrets and their heritage as part of The Claw, The Wing, and The Smoke.

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Adult Book Review: Hungry Like the Wolf Paige Tyler

SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team

I couldn't resist grabbing-up this new series by Paige Tyler! Hungry Like the Wolf is part of her new series featuring very alpha males as part of the Dallas SWAT team. Only these are not any ordinary males, they're shifters of the furry, werewolves variety. Need numbers. There are 16 members of this close-knit group to drool over. Brother officers who have each other's backs, bro-camaraderie, and some serious physical awesomeness going on. I loved every minute spent with these guys!

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