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Young Adult Book Review: The Girl Who Never Was by Skylar Dorset

Reading The Girl Who Never Was at first, felt like I was sitting at the Mad Tea Party, trying to keep up with the fast pace and follow the somewhat dizzying dialogue. Yet, it remained fun and entertaining throughout in a madcap sort of way.

Selkie Stewart finds out on the day of her seventeenth birthday that she is not only a faerie princess, but also half ogre.  With the help of Ben, her secret crush and a faerie who has cast a protective enchantment over her to keep her safe, she goes in search of her parentage. What she ends up finding is prophecy that Selkie is going to destroy the Seelie Court, which just happens to be her mother's realm in the faerie. Needless to say, her mother is not very agreeable to this prophecy and has her own agenda for Selkie. With Ogre Aunties, Wizards, Fae Magic, the Queen of the Faeries -aka MOM, and a crush-worthy sidekick-the adventure is on!

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