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Book Review: Taken by Erin Bowman

When I first read the summary for TAKEN by Erin Bowman, I got pretty excited. The premise for the books sounded unique: all males on their 18th birthday are mysteriously 'Heisted' in the isolated town of Claysoot. The fact that it's told from the male's (Gray's) perspective was also a bonus.  I wanted to dive in and find out what was so different about the town Claysoot, and more about the Dystopian setting of Taken. It all sounded so intriguing to me and I really wanted to find out what was beyond that darn wall! Why were only boys 'Heisted' and not girls? What the heck was on the other side that killed the boys adventuresome enough to climb over? The mystery was a big tease and I was dying to find out.

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