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Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine

INK AND BONE by Rachel Caine brings to YA reading a beautiful and terrible world where the Great Library of Alexandria still exists. A world of forbidden books, Alchemy, and Automations. A world of book smugglers, magic, and spies. This is a must read for book lovers, a story rife with danger and adventure that will have you clamoring to grab up all your books as Caine spins a story of an alternate history where knowledge is the ultimate power.

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Book Review: The Veil by Chloe Neill

Imagine a typical hot, sweltering October day in the heart of New Orleans. Now imagine the barrier that separates magic from the human world suddenly ripped apart, spewing forth Paranormal leaving chaos and destruction in their wake. This is the world author Chloe Neill creates in her urban fantasy series opener THE VEIL. 

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