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Adult Book Review: The Shattered Court by M.J. Scott

The Shattered Court by M.J. Scott is the first book in the Novel of Four Arts series. Readers can expect royal intrigue and the beginnings of an interesting fantasy with a healthy dose of romance to heat up the pages alongside the magical workings. 

Royal Intrigue, Forbidden Magic and Romance

The story opens up with Lady Sophia Kendall getting ready for the celebration of her Ais-Seann. The Anglion royal witches on their 21st birthday take part in a celebration held at court where any magic they may possess is bound to their Goddess and arrange matches are made between them and nobleman of the courts choosing. Just days before Sophia's Ais-Seann is to occur, the palace is attacked and she is forced to flee to safety with the queen's favored Red Guard, Lieutenant Cameron MacKenzie. It soon becomes very clear on Sophia's birthday just how strong her magic is as the Ais-Seann manifests in an unexpected way. It also begins to reveal just why the royal court is determined to keep their young witches under the hands of the court and the temple, quickly binding their magic to them.

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