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Ferals by Jacob Grey

Ferals by Jacob Grey is the new middle grade read that is sure to please younger readers looking for a darker and grittier story. The writing in Ferals is filled with great atmosphere as the young hero Caw discovers his ability as a Feral and sets out to rescue his friend and city from the evil clutches of The Spinning Man.

The Boy Who Could Call the Crows

Caw is a brave and clever young hero with the ability to call the Crows to him when he needs help.  Raised by three crows whom he communicates with, Caw has a sweet and almost naivety to him that I thought was very endearing. When the city is threatened by The Spinning Man and his renegade ferals, and his new friend Lydia is taken by them, Caw realizes he may be the only one strong enough to stop them.

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