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Dawn of Legends by Eleanor Herman

DAWN OF LEGENDS is the fourth and epic finale to the Blood of Gods and Royals YA fantasy series by Eleanor Herman. It reimagines the life of a young Prince Alexander before he became Alexander the Great. Filled with political intrigue and adventure this series brings the ancient Greek world alive with its rich historical detail, infusing it with myth and magic.

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Reign of Serpents by Eleanor Herman

REIGN OF SERPENTS is the third installment of Eleanor Herman's series, Blood of Gods and Royals. This epic young adult series combines historical fiction with myth, magic, and intrigue. The stories center around a young Alexander the Great and a mysterious prophecy,  each book building into grand adventures and individual quests. Joining him are a cast of friends ( Katerina, Jacob, Hephaestion, Zofia, and Cynane ) as they battle both men and monsters, in order to save the ancient world from a dangerous enemy, know as the Spirit Eaters. 

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Empire of Dust by Eleanor Herman

Empire of Dust is the second installment of Eleanor Herman's series, Blood of Gods and Royals. I really enjoyed her first book Legacy of Kings and knew I needed to continue this series. My expectations were high and I was in no way disappointed once I finally grabbed this book up. Everything is notched up, from the characterization and danger to the fantasy and magic. Eleanor Herman has created an exciting second book for fans of the series to love.

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