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Book Review: Owl and the City of Angels by Kristi Charish

"Tomb Raiding Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be"

Alix Hiboux, better known as Owl, our rogue (think Indiana Jane) archeologist and fantasy gamer, is back again in another high-octane, globe-trotting adventure where the Supernaturals like to come out and play! Once again, author Kristi Charish gives readers a fantastic mix of action & adventure to thrill for. 

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Book Review: Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting

Intense, Emotional, Dark, and Erotic . A love story between two very damaged souls.

I was really curious about Clipped Wings after seeing it at the bookstore. It sounded like something quite different from the normal New Adult books that I have read before and seen around. I knew immediately from the book's description that it was going to be emotional, and bit of a dark read with some serious sexual chemistry between these two characters.

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