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Proof of Lies by Diana Rodriguez Wallach

Proof of Lies by Diana Rodriguez Wallach is filled with tension and suspense as a whirlwind-of-a-mystery unfolds. 

I love books that feature a conspiracy in them and that is exactly what this book gives you. Plenty of action, twists, and a mystery set in Rome for a thrilling setting. If you like globetrotting and intrigue with a touch of romance in your reads, then you may just want to take a look at Proof of Lies. 

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Blog Tour: Places No One Knows by Brenna Yovanoff

Places No One Knows is romantic, edgy, raw and dreamy.

Brenna Yovanoff is known for her distinctive writing style. Her novels are often infused with a mix of lyrical prose and dark supernatural touches. With her latest novel, Places No One Knows, Yovanoff writes a story of two refreshingly flawed teens learning to navigate the pressures of high school, family, friends, and romance. 

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