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Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman

Weaving historical details, political intrigue, and mythic fantasy, Eleanor Herman's young adult debut, LEGACY OF KINGS, boldly introduces a teenager Alexander the Great and reimagines those first early steps he takes before becoming one of history's greatest emperors. 

With LEGACY OF KINGS, Eleanor Herman creates a historical setting touched by magic and where the gods still linger. Vivid and touchable, it becomes obvious that Ms. Herman is a historian as she deftly writes in delicious period details. The magic itself feels like a character  - ever present and almost tangible. 

Surrounding sixteen-year-old Alexander is a cast of fascinating characters, each with their own viewpoints, moving the story into a broad swath across empires while giving readers a look at a the bigger story to come. 

Alexander is the brave warrior prince. He hides his vulnerabilities behind a mask of daring and charisma. Readers can imagine easily the turbulent life Alexander lived, his steely determination to rise above his father's legacy and what lies behind his secret desire to search out the mythical Fountain of Youth. 

Katerina is an ordinary peasant girl, or is she? Determined to discover the mystery behind her mother's murder, Katerina finds herself embroiled within the deadly clutches of court life...and the queen. 

Jacob is the childhood friend of Katerina who binds himself to a dangerous group in hopes of saving her. Heph's friendship with Alexander begins to be tested as danger seems to be closing in. My one disappointment was in how little page time Zofia, a Persian princess and Alexander's unmet betrothed, has in the story. Yet, with the ending and the deadly Spirit Eaters hinted at, I'm hoping for a greater role in EMPIRE OF DUST.  

I can't resist a nasty villainess and LEGACY OF KINGS has one. Using dark magic and witchery, this villainess ensures more than a few gasps. Royal machinations and sibling rivalry are not to be missed either.

LEGACY OF KINGS mixes ancient Greek history and myth in an entertaining way. I personally find this time period fascinating and enjoyed this reimagined version of a young Alexander the Great. Readers who like the bigger picture that multiple points of view can give and who enjoy history mixed with a touch of magic may want to grab this one up. I'm looking forward to EMPIRE OF DUST as this tale is just beginning to put the epic into the storyline!

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