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Book Review: Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen

"It haunts me beyond all reason, an ache in my heart I can't explain or ignore. And it all began with the damn book. There it sits, the crumbling old thing, on the tea table next to the window. I run my fingers over its nubby, embosses cover, the gilding almost entirely worn away, a boy in leaves and a pair of tarty little mermaids. I needn't open the cover to see what's witten there; it's scrawled just as indelibly in my memory: a single word, Believe."

Meet the man behind the infamous Captain Hook and fall in love with the not-so-villain of a hero.

Alias Hook is told from Hooks point of view and presents a thoughtful and beguiling look at the rogue gentleman and how he came to be known as the infamous Captain Hook. The chapters in the beginning of the book alternate between lives of Captain Hook in Neverland, and young Jamie aka James Benjamin Hookbridge.

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