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Young Adult Book Review: Ignite by Sara B. Larson

Defy was one of my favorite reads last year. One that gave me a heroine that captivated me. Alexa the sword-fighting girl who took on the persona of a boy in order to join the king's army, and ended-up on a heroines journey, saving the kingdom, and falling in love!

Dark Magic, Intrigue and New Villain

After a major battle and the defeat of a dark wizard at the end of Defy, the kingdom of Antion is carefully rebuilding its alliances and the trust of their people with Damian now crowned their new king. Now with Ignite, Alexa is just as dedicated to Damian and determined to protect him, even if that means sacrificing her feelings for the "good" of the kingdom. Torn between duty and love, Alexa struggles to find her place as warrior to the king and his love as well. Now a new threat arrives and endangers Antion, Damian and all those close to him. Magic, intrigue and a dangerous new villain threatens, and Alexa is all that stands in the way

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Young Adult Book Review: Invisible by Dawn Metcalf

Invisible will lure you into the dark, dangerous, and enchanting world of the Twixt where the hidden world of the Fae comes to life.

With this second story of the Twixt, author Dawn Metcalf once again delighted me with her Fae creatures and all the strange inhabitants of the Faerie realm. Many who would be happily found alongside a Grimm tale. I loved how they are creepy and compelling at the same time, and this time around Joy Malone finds the members of the Twixt have a need of a very special talent she has!

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Young Adult Book Review: Suspicion by Alexandra Monir

"There's something hidden in the maze."

Suspicion is one of those books that immediately caught my attention, seeming to be a near perfect fit for my reading taste. I had extreme *grabby hands* with this book. Here's what I said in my post for Waiting On Wednesday back in July where I gushed about how much I would love to read this book. And, I said ...

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