Guest Post: Analiese Rising by Brenda Drake

Hello Readers! Today I'm thrilled to share with you a guest post with Brenda Drake, author of the popular Library Jumpers series, where she shares with us some of her most treasured reads and to celebrate her upcoming release, ANALIESE RISING!

Half-Blood meets Antigoddess

In a suspense-filled novel, Analiese Rising is the first book in a new YA fantasy series offering a new take on the paranormal romance genre—with a mythological spin. It will be available January 8th so be sure to check it out. You can read more about it below.

Analiese Rising by Brenda Drake Book Cover

Book Summary

Half-Blood meets Antigoddess in a thrilling, romantic new series from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Drake.

When a stranger gives Analiese Jordan a list of names before he dies, the last thing she expects to see is her own on it. Not. Cool. Her search for answers leads to the man’s grandson, Marek, who has dangerous secrets of his own. Both are determined to unlock the mystery of the list.

But the truth is deadly. Analiese is a descendant of the God of Death, known as a Riser, with the power to raise the dead and control them. Finding out she has hidden powers? Cool. Finding out she turns corpses into killers? No, thank you.

Now the trail plants her and Marek in the middle of a war between gods who apparently want to raise an army of the Risen, and Analiese must figure out how to save the world—from herself.

Book Details

Analiese Rising by Brenda Drake
On Sale Date: January 8, 2019
Young Adult Fiction / Magical Realism
Trade Paperback, 350 pages



Brenda Drake grew up the youngest of three children, an Air Force brat, and the continual new kid at school. Her fondest memories growing up is of her eccentric, Irish grandmother's animated tales, which gave her a strong love for storytelling. So it was only fitting that she would choose to write stories with a bend toward the fantastical. When she's not writing or hanging out with her family, she haunts libraries, bookstores, and coffee shops, or reads someplace quiet and not at all exotic (much to her disappointment).


A Guest Post with Brenda Drake - Top Reading List

There are so many stories I loved that could go on my top reading list. A lot are older ones. Like practically ancient. My all-time favorite will always be The Secret Garden. It holds special meaning for me and is weaved throughout the Library Jumpers series. But for this post, I decided to leave it out and choose more current books. Have you read any of them? What are your favorites?

  1. The Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling, will always top my list. The writing and the world building is fantastical and lovely. I want to go to Hogwarts and be a wizard. I’d so be a Hermione.

  2. Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn is such an amazing story touching on sister bonds and tough decisions. The characters are well rounded, and the relationship between Callie and Logan is sweet and swoon-worthy.

  3. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell feels like a familiar story (see number one above) but is so different. I loved how the characters and the world feel real. Simon and Baz are just perfect together.

  4. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins is a novel filled with memorable characters and swoony moments. Perkins does the almost-kiss so well.

  5. Teach Me to Forget by Erica M. Chapman stole my heart. It made me laugh and cry. Chapman puts such raw feelings into the story.

  6. This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp is another tearjerker I couldn’t put down. It’s a gripping story about a school shooting. Within the tragedy that happens throughout the story, there is hope. The ending is gut punching. I loved the diversity in this book.

  7. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas was a heartbreaking story and one that will change the world. I hope. Angie is such a talented author and a kind and generous person. I’m honored to know her personally. I was emotionally touched and changed after reading this book.

  8. Children of Blood and Bone, by Tomi Adeyemi is a fantastical adventure that is beautifully written. It’s a magical book with amazing characters, heart-pounding action, and twists. Adored it!

  9. Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith is probably a series I don’t have to explain, but it’s a thrilling read with to-die (pun intended) for characters and intense romance. I do have to admit, I’m a bigger fan of the T.V. series.

  10. The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare is a series I came to after early readers of mine mentioned the Library Jumpers series was similar and now I’m hooked. I’ve read the first two books and have the third in my TBR pile. I love Clary, Jace, and all the shadowhunters. And Simon—swoon! Clare can really write a story.