Reign of Serpents by Eleanor Herman

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Prince Alexander of Macedon’s mind has been touched by an incomprehensible evil, even as his betrothed travels from afar to unite their kingdoms against a terrible darkness that threatens both realms: the Spirit Eaters.

From the distant shores of Illyria to a small deserted island, the deadly consequences of Smoke Blood magic loom and lost civilizations emerge to reveal the existence of a weapon that may do the impossible—kill the last living god. As magic rises and warriors clash, the fate of all Macedon rests in the hands of the unstable prince and those whose loyalty can no longer be trusted. 

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Reign of Serpents by Eleanor Herman
Series: Blood of Gods and Royals #3
Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Historical
Published May 29th 2018 by Harlequin Teen
Trade Paperback, 368 Pages
Source: Glasstown Entertainment
My Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

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REIGN OF SERPENTS is the third installment of Eleanor Herman's series, Blood of Gods and Royals. This epic young adult series combines historical fiction with myth, magic, and intrigue. The stories center around a young Alexander the Great and a mysterious prophecy that began in Legacy of Kings, with each book building into grand adventures and individual quests. Joining him are a cast of friends ( Katerina, Jacob, Hephaestion, Zofia, and Cynane ) as they battle both men and monsters, in order to save the ancient world from a dangerous enemy, know as the Spirit Eaters. 

What makes this series such a standout is the seamless way Eleanor Herman weaves together the historical and with the fantastical. 

The ancient world comes alive as Herman sweeps across ancient Macedon, the Persian Empire, and Egypt bringing readers right along with her. Exotic and vivid, REIGN OF SERPENTS takes off immediately from the ending in EMPIRE OF DUST where twists and turns await. 

Ancient Greece was a world alive with myths, gods, and magic.

The book continues to be narrated by six core characters (with a few extras thrown in!!)  namely Alexander and his cast of friends; with their shifting perspectives giving readers an intimate look into each character's thoughts and emotions. 

In each book, and it continues here as well, Herman takes on major story arc and sets the characters on mini-quests, and in each book, the arrangement changes. I love this overall story method as the characters take on new personality traits with each experience; often changing and surprising the reader. 

The many POV used in Blood of Gods and Royals series seems to be either hit or miss with readers, but for me, the added depth and scope reminds me of what one usually expects in the epic fantasy genre. A wide terrain and multiple point-of-views to savor. 

REIGN OF SERPENTS is packed with the exciting and the strange. It's hard to believe so many of the fantasy elements are inspired by archaeology and history. 

The magic and fantasy exploded in this segment, which may be my favorite book in the series to date. There is a possession by a god, dark magic known as Smoke Blood, a mad king reminiscent of Caligula, and betrayal at every page it seems. Watery sea creatures, an Atlantean clockwork device—warriors, philosophers, and sibyls who rub elbows with gods and monstersKings and Queens. 

Recommended for:

I highly recommend this book and series for lovers of historical fiction and fantasy, especially those fascinated by Greek mythology and the legendary figure of Alexander the Great.