Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet

Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet Book Cover

Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet
Series: The Kingmaker Chronicles
On Sale Date: January 3, 2017
Adult Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance
Sourcebooks Casablanca,  448 pages
Source: Publisher
My Rating: 4.5 Stars

"Cat" Catalia Fisa has been running from her destiny since she could crawl. But now, her newfound loved ones are caught between the shadow of Cat's tortured past and the threat of her world-shattering future. So what's a girl to do when she knows it's her fate to be the harbinger of doom? Everything in her power.

Griffin knows Cat is destined to change the world-for the better. As the realms are descending into all-out war, Cat and Griffin must embrace their fate together. Gods willing, they will emerge side-by-side in the heart of their future kingdom...or not at all.

Filled with epic battles, magic, gods and a passionate romance, BREATH OF FIRE is the stunning second book in Bouchet’s Kingmaker Chronicles fantasy romance series.

The Fight for the Three Realms

In this second installment, the story continues from where A PROMISE OF FIRE left off with the continued efforts of Griffin and Cat to try and unite the three realms of Thalyria while an all-out war threatens. Cat is still haunted by her past and readers will learn more about her “prophecy” in this sequel. Danger and passion fill the pages of BREATH OF FIRE.

Magic, Battles and Gods

Readers are treated to daring quests, intense battle scenes, and magical creatures in this action-packed second installment. BREATH OF FIRE works in a touch of politics while deepening our understanding of the three realms of Thalyria. Gods, goddesses, and magical creatures all appear in BREATH OF FIRE and their involvement sharpens the danger while giving readers the expanded fantasy aspect we experienced in the beginnings of A PROMISE OF FIRE and were hungry for more details.

Catalina “Cat” Fisa the Lost Princess

“Impetuous” and “reckless” are two terms used to describe Cat, often to the disgruntlement of her warlord lover Griffin and her fellow comrades, yet, this is what makes her so likable - that and her sassy mouth and spitfire nature. I loved seeing the softer aspect of Cat and more than once her selfless nature throws her into some very dangerous waters that had me on the edge of my seat. Bouchet makes her loveable and prickly at the same time. Her powers are balanced by believable insecurities which make Cat a heroine that we all can love and root for.   

Griffin the Sintan Warlord

Griffin is without a doubt an all-passionate, alpha-male warlord. Readers new to this series are in for a treat with Griffin and may have serious book-boyfriend issues, especially those who enjoy strong alpha-male leads. I love Griffin’s passionate nature. At times he is possessive and even jealous, yet, there is no doubt while reading A BREATH OF FIRE of his unwavering loyalty to Cat and his fellow fighters. We see a more personal side of Griffin beyond the powerful Sintan leader uniting the three realms of Thalyria. Son, brother, comrade and lover, Griffin is anything but boring as his fierce and passionate nature leaps off the page. He knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it.     

Intense and Passionate Romance

A BREATH OF MAGIC is every bit a romance as it is a fantasy. Cat and Griffin are a couple that stands out in the crowd of epic couples. Their growing romance is balanced by realistic struggles and setbacks while their passion for each other is seriously hot and swoon-worthy. Bouchet knows how to balance romance with fantasy elements that make is a perfect blend. In this second installment, Cat and Griffin must overcome several obstacles and reveals that threaten their relationship and what a whirlwind of a ride it is.

Strong Secondary Characters that Stand Out

One of the strengths of The Kingmaker Chronicles is the loveable and strong secondary characters that surround Griffin and Cat. Fellow fighters and family members make a well-rounded cast and add to the overall plotline. Many would make great future spinoffs as they are becoming just as beloved as Cat and Griffin’s characters.

A BREATH OF FIRE is the stellar sequel in The Kingmaker Chronicles filled with adventure and romance. Battles and quests, monsters and mythic gods make for an exciting fantasy while Griffin and Cat’s passionate romance and epic personalities make for an unforgettable couple. A must-read for fans of the series and a completely addicting read.