Illusion by Lea Nolan Blog Tour: Review, Excerpt and Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Illusion Blog Tour! I'm so excited to share my review, an excerpt from Illusion by Lea Nolan, and a fantastic giveaway! The Hoodoo Apprentice series has been a long time favorite of mine and the third and final installment is finally here. The whole series has new gorgeous covers - so please check them out as well. 


From boo-hags and love potions to gris-gris bags and conjures - this series is bewitchingly fun! 

ILLUSION is the final installment in Lea Nolan's the Hoodoo Apprentice series, and once again the author gave me an adventurous read filled with curses, creatures, Hoodoo, and, of course, a swoony romance to ship!

Twins Emma & Jack Guthrie, along with Cooper and Miss Delia, are back for one last adventure. This time around Emma will need to fight off a dangerous old adversary that threatens both Miss Delia (our favorite 97-year-old Hoodoo, root-worker) and Emma's beau, Cooper Beaumont. 

Lea Nolan's Illusion, as with Conjure and Allure, easily transports you to a Southern setting where magic and Hoodoo feel real and tangible. I could not wait to see what happens next, and Illusion did not disappoint. Fast-paced and heart-pounding, I love how this series mixes up fun elements of creepiness and with a great atmosphere to send shivers down you spine as dark magic and curses are at hand. Look out for those reptiles in the Spell of Live Things! And, of course, for YA readers looking for romance, Cooper and Emma are so sweet together. Though there is still plenty of obstacles in the way before we know for sure if they get their HEA. Emma, Jack, and Cooper have all grown so much in this series and Illusion wrapped up everything wonderfully.

Illusion is the perfect balance of curses and kisses! A terrific ending to the Hoodoo Apprentice series - one I'm going to miss as Miss. Delia, and besties Emma, Cooper, and Jack are some of my favorite cast of characters. 

My Rating: 4 Stars! I really liked it!

Thanks so much for having me here at Book Swoon! I’m thrilled to introduce you to Illusion, the third and final book in my Hoodoo Apprentice trilogy, which is out now. I’ve also got a great blog tour giveaway for you, but first I’d like to share a special excerpt:


Cooper peers into the rearview mirror. “What the heck?”

“What?” I look up from the spell book.

“I think Taneea’s behind us.”

I spin around and squint through the rear window. My worst enemy’s big pickup is in the distance, and it’s gaining ground fast. As it nears, the obnoxious pink paint almost glows.

“Holy crap, she must have her foot on the floor. Can you go any faster?” I glance at the speedometer, which is already well past the speed limit.

“I’ll see what I can do.” He steps on the gas, and the car zooms forward.

Taneea pursues, closing in on us. From the front seat, I see her grin as the truck’s front grille smacks our back bumper.

Cooper clutches the shaking wheel, straining to keep on course as he jams on the pedal and barrels ahead. Taneea gives chase, bashes the bumper again before swerving into the left lane, then pulling up next to us.

We race down the road in tandem, her cotton candy–pink truck dwarfing our beige station wagon.

“Slam on the brakes and let her go ahead of us!” I yell.

“Good idea,” Cooper says, but he doesn’t get the chance.

Taneea slams the truck into our driver’s side. Metal grinds against metal as the vehicles collide. Cooper keeps his eyes straight ahead as he yanks the wheel in the opposite direction, fighting to stay on the road. But Taneea’s going too fast, and her monster truck is too big. The pickup bangs into us again, thrusting us onto the shoulder. I look out the window and scream. A ditch, at least three feet deep, lies between the asphalt and the low-lying marshland beyond.

“Emma, I don’t think I can—”

The pickup’s engine roars. Metal crunches, and tires screech. The station wagon launches into the air.

I hope you enjoyed this tiny taste of Illusion. If you’d like to read more, you’re in luck because the book is available now!


Things aren't always as they appear…

New school. Cross-country move. Broken heart. If only these were Emma Guthrie's worst problems. Instead, she must battle a trio of enemies--human and spectral--who may or may not have joined forces against her and everyone she loves. All while pretending to be over Cooper Beaumont, her ex-boyfriend and true love, to shield him from her arch-nemesis's revenge.

Worse, when the fight escalates, Emma is tempted to use black magic, which will endanger her soul. As her enemies close in, join forces, and fight with new and dark magic she's never seen before, Emma must harness the power within her to fulfill an ancient prophecy, defeat a centuries-old evil, save her family, and reclaim the only boy she's ever loved.

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New Covers

And here are the gorgeous new covers for the first two books in the series, Conjure and Allure:


And now for the giveaway, a super awesome Illusion Blog Tour Prize pack. The Grand Prize includes a $25 Amazon gift card, a custom Hoodoo Apprentice tote which features the gorgeous new covers, and six authentic hoodoo spells from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company. There’s also a second prize $15 Amazon gift card, and a third prize $10 Amazon gift card. So what are you waiting for? Enter below to win!

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About the Author:

Lea Nolan is a USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary Romance and YA. Her books for young adults feature bright heroines, crazy-hot heroes, diabolical plot twists, plus a dose of magic, a draft of romance, and a sprinkle of history. She also pens smart, witty contemporary stories for adults filled with head-swooning, heart-throbbing, sweep-you-off your feet romance. Born and raised on Long Island, New York, she loves the water far too much to live inland. With her heroically supportive husband and three clever children, she resides in Maryland where she scarfs down crab cakes whenever she gets the chance. Learn more at her website, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Goodreads

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