Book Review: The House by Christina Lauren

The House by Christina Lauren

The House by Christina Lauren

The House
by Christina Lauren
On-Sale: October 6, 2015
Juvenile Fiction \ Horror & Ghost Stories
Ages 14 And Up, Grades 9 And Up
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Hardcover, 384 pages
Source: Bought
My Rating: 4 Stars

Gavin tells Delilah he’s hers—completely—but whatever lives inside that house with him disagrees.

After seven years tucked away at an East coast boarding school, Delilah Blue returns to her small Kansas hometown to find that not much has changed. Her parents are still uptight and disinterested, her bedroom is exactly the way she left it, and the outcast Gavin Timothy still looks like he’s crawled out of one of her dark, twisted drawings.

Delilah is instantly smitten.

Gavin has always lived in the strange house: an odd building isolated in a stand of trees where the town gives in to mild wilderness. The house is an irresistible lure for Delilah, but the tall fence surrounding it exists for good reason, and Gavin urges Delilah to be careful. Whatever lives with him there isn’t human, and isn’t afraid of hurting her to keep her away.

THE HOUSE BRINGS PLENTY OF EERIE atmosphere and chilling suspense to coauthor duo Christina Lauren's latest young adult thriller. THE HOUSE comes vividly to life taking on a presence that is as strong and memorable as any character while featuring a kick-butt heroine, and equal parts horror and romance.

I'm often attracted to books, especially those featuring the supernatural, that feature old or odd houses. Not that I would be brave enough to enter one, but in the realm of reading, I love to be scared just a bit by them, or enchanted by them - depending on what 'the House' has in store for me. You know that moment when the lead character cracks that door open and you realize your eyes are open like saucers, waiting to see what's on the other side - that's what THE HOUSE did for me. I'm not going to say more, it's better to be surprised.

To go with such a strong presence the house has in the story, you need an even stronger heroine and Delilah Blue brings the kick to kick-arse. Fascinated by the dark and mysterious, Delilah is not afraid of much of anything. Her weakness - she is inexplicably drawn to Gavin Timothy - the stormy-eyed, mysterious outcast that lives in The House. 

The romance between these two is like the unavoidable pull of two magnets drawn to each other, though there's not a lot of romantic buildup, it feels relatable as a first love, especially since the reader is treated to both Gavin and Delilah's point of view, making the suspense and romance even more intense. Gavin so is sweet and open with Delilah about his feelings, in fact, both are refreshingly honestly and open about their feelings, something I really enjoyed bout the story.

THE HOUSE successfully combined a suspenseful thriller with all the supernatural atmosphere and swooniness I could crave - perfect for those looking for a hauntingly romantic read.  This is my first experience with Christina Lauren - and I agree that a "kissing shelf" is needed and THE HOUSE belongs on it!