Adult Book Review: Fireborn by Keri Arthur


Title: Fireborn
Series: Souls of Fire #1
Author: Keri Arthur
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Age Group: ADULT
Genre Type: Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: July 1st 2014
Pages:  370
Source: Bought
Publisher: Signet Select

From New York Times bestselling author Keri Arthur comes a brand new series featuring heroine Emberly Pearson—a phoenix capable of taking on human form, and cursed with the ability to foresee death…

Emberly has spent a good number of her many lives trying to save humans. So when her prophetic dreams reveal the death of Sam, a man she once loved, she does everything in her power to prevent that from happening. But in saving his life, she gets more than she bargained for.

Sam is working undercover for the Paranormal Investigations Team, and those who are trying to murder him are actually humans infected by a plague-like virus, the Crimson Death—a by-product of a failed government experiment that attempted to identify the enzymes that make vampires immortal. Now, all those infected must be eliminated.

But when Emberly’s boss is murdered and his irreplaceable research stolen, she needs to find the guilty party before she goes down in flames…

My Review

With Fireborn, Keri Arthur brings yet again another exciting and unique heroine to Urban Fantasy - Emberly Pearson ... A spirit born from ashes and flame, she is a Phoenix straight out of legends.

Fireborn is Emberly story, and through her point of view the reader is introduced the fascinating new world of the Souls of Fire series and the legendary Phoenixes. Emberly, as a Phoenix, can shift not only from her natural state of elemental flame, often taking the shape of a Phoenix, but she's capable of taking on human form as well.

What makes Emberly, as well as Fireborn, so fascinating is the myth and heritage (legend) Keri Arthur creates for her heroine. She is strong, fiery in spirit and nature, as well as being highly sensual. Yet, for all her fierceness she is world-weary as well. Having lived many lifetimes before, she has witnessed human suffering and hurt, and though she often tries to intervene on their behalf, she can never completely trust them. She walks a path between her fiery nature as a Phoenix and the  mutable realm of humans. Cursed as a Phoenix to be mated for eternity with one partner, yet never to be in love with one another, she longs for what she has been denied. A mate, partner and lover she can love completely as one in both her Phoenix and human form.

When Emberly has one of her prophetic dreams, also one of her abilities, warning her of her former lover's death, she decides to intervene. But in saving Sam's life, she is suddenly thrust into his dangerous world. One of rogue humans and vampires known as the Red Cloaks. Infected by a virus known as the Crimson Death, Sam is somehow at the heart of its mystery. To further complicate matters her boss is suddenly murdered and his research stolen that is also linked to the Crimson Death. Emberly finds herself intricately and personally involved with a sexy fire Fae leading his own investigation, Sam her former human lover, and her Phoenix mate Rory.

I was captivate by the mythos behind the Phoenixes, as well as the mystery and intrigue behind the Red Cloaks and the strange plague, Crimson Death. There's intense action, exciting supernatural elements, and some serious sexy shenanigans going on in Fireborn for sure!  I'm very excited over this new series and things are sure to only get more interesting with a curse that plays a central part in Emberly's love life. There's a government with hidden agendas, dangerous rogue vampires and plagues, and devious secrets yet to be revealed.

Keri Arthur expertly weaves character's lives and plot together, creating a fascinating world of supernatural filled with intense action, fiery romance, and thrilling new mystery. An exciting new read and series for Urban Fantasy fans!

My Rating: 4 stars. I really liked it!