Book Review: Some Like It Wicked by Alexandra Ivy

Title:  Some Like It Wicked
Series: Hellion's Den #1
By: Alexandra Ivy
Author Info: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
Age Group: ADULT
Genre Type: Historical Romance
Publication Date: March 6th 2014
Pages: 384 pages
Source: Library
Publisher: by eKensington


The perfect plan starts with the perfect seduction...

In this sizzling tale of irresistible temptation, when business mixes with pleasure, the product is wickedly delightful...

A canny, successful businesswoman, Miss Jane Middleton goes to London in search of a husband—only to find herself virtually ignored by the ton. When she overhears the notorious rake, "Hellion" Caulfield, admit he is in dire straits, Jane concocts a daring business proposition: she'll pay Hellion to strike up a flirtation with her, thus bringing her to Society's notice and attracting eligible gentlemen. The last thing she expects to find is that a deliciously skillful seduction is part of the package...

Handsome and charming, the undisputed toast of the ton, Hellion has easily eluded the marriage trap for years, all the while warming the beds of countless attractive and willing women. But when Jane bursts into his life with her outrageous scheme, her provocative figure, and a pair of captivating blue eyes, Hellion is stunned to realize that his jaded interest is piqued—and his desire ignited. In fact, his pursuit of her feels all too real. Is it possible that the ultimate bachelor has finally found his match between the sheets—and beyond?

Before Alexandra Ivy started writing paranormal romance, she wrote historical romance novels as Deborah Raleigh. I came across this recently re-released book and couldn't resist taking a look. As you can imagine that vibrant red cover caught my eye!  I've enjoyed Alexandra Ivy's paranormal romances, and thought I'd give her historical novel a try. I was surprised to find out that this was originally published back 2005 by Zebra, but it still had all the charm of a Regency that I craved plus a fun and sensuous romance. 

Miss Jane Middleton has arrived at London just in time for the new season. She's determined to find herself a husband, one who doesn't mind her practical business sense and knack for turning a profit, despite being a well-bred lady. Only problem is she is virtually ignored by the ton. Determined not to be relegated to wallflower status, she concocts up a daring business proposition: she will pay the notorious rake “Hellion” Caulfield to "strike up a flirtation with her" ensuring her the attention of Society's most eligible gentlemen. I adored Jane and thought that she was truly a fun heroine. She's completely independent, stubborn, and intelligent. This heroine meets her match in Hellion, as he strikes up his own bargain and issues forth a skillful seduction of his own-one that the Jane is not prepared for.

Hellion is one hundred percent Rake. Handsome and charming, he's the tons most sought after bachelor, and he intends for it to stay that way. When circumstances bring these together, and Jane offers up such an intriguing proposition, Hellion finds himself fascinated by Jane and decides to take her up on her outrageous bargain. Intrigued by her intelligence as well as her unique proposal, Hellion is surprised that his usual ability to claim what he desires doesn't quit work with the elusive Miss Jane Middleton. Hellion is not about to let Jane get the better of him, and a battle of wits as well as seduction is on between these two rascals.

This was a fun and easy read for me. It had a light Regency background that gave a colorful splash as a setting, and Jane was a refreshing and intelligent heroine. Hellion was all that a rake should be, and together they smoldered. What was nice about this particular romance was the fact that the business roles were reversed. Jane has a knack for business and turning a profit and it's not until Hellion meets Jane and gets to know her that he discovers he could learn a lot from this smart businesswoman.

An entertaining read and temporary escape for those who like their couples stubborn, despite their attraction to one another, with the HEA that is within grasp, but teases you until near the end, and plenty of sensuous romance to heat up the pages .

My Rating: 3.5 Stars. I like it!