Read-A-Long: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


Hi everybody. Welcome to the Read-A-Long for Anna and the French Kiss!  This fun event is hosted by the wonderful Molli at  Once Upon A Prologue and Suz at A Soul Unsung. Thanks Molli and Suz for hosting such a great event!

Anna and the French Kiss: Week One's  Discussion and Questions for chapters 1 - 16.

Anna is afraid to really experience Paris when she arrives.  Would you be, or would you look at it as an adventure?

I think I would be a nervous wreck at first! Once in Paris though, I would have to go exploring. I'd probably get lost a million times and make a ton of mistakes, but I definitely would try to look at it as an adventure.

As far as the French language goes, I'd be in BIG trouble. The only French terms I know are from Regency Romance novels and Ballet terms I learned from WAY back when I was just a little girl.

Which of the characters we meet – Anna, St Clair, Josh, Rashmi, or Meredith – do you most identify with?  Why?

Definitely Anna. For me, it was easy to feel a an immediate connection with her character. I think that is why she's such a likeable character, she is really easy to relate to. I think we all have "Anna" moments. Especially when Anna would think or say something funny or odd, and I would be like: "Oh My Gosh Anna, I totally get you!


Anna is drawn to St Clair, as well, everyone is.  She wants to be “just friends” with him.  Do you think this will be possible for her?  Can a guy and a girl BE just friends?

Okay, so this is my first time reading Anna and the French Kiss, and now I know why St Clair is one of the most popular book boyfriends! I definitely think guys and gals can be just friends, but these two have this great chemistry going on between them already. You can just picture/feel their attraction to each other.

What are your first impressions of Anna?  Of St Clair?

Oh, I just love Anna's character, especially when she has an Anna moment (her inner dialogue). I love it.  And St. Clair is definitely swoon worthy material.

What’s your favorite moment or quote from what we’ve read so far?

This one is hard, there are so many! One of the very first quotes that made me laugh was when Anna was leaving Meredith's room, and as Anna walks out-

"Whoops. Not a wall. A boy." and then there's "It's artist hair. Musician hair. I-pretend-I-don't-care-but-I-really-do-hair." So funny.

So what did you guys think?  I usually don't read a lot of contemporary romances, but Anna and the French Kiss is changing my mind. I'm really enjoying this book, it just makes me smile so much. Feel free to leave a comment.