Book Review: True by Erin McCarthy


Title: True
Series: ( True Series)
Author Info: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
Characters: Rory Macintosh, Tyler Mann
Age Group: New Adult
Swoon Factor: Amore
Genre Type: Contemporary
Publication Date: May 7th 2013
Publisher: InterMix
Format: ebook
Pages: 238 pages
Source: Netgalley
Reading Challenge: For Review

True is a Contemporary New Adult novel by Erin McCarthy, and her debut book into the New Adult genre. I enjoyed True, and was pleasantly surprised at the emotional depth of the story. This is not just your average bad boy meets and gets the good girl drama, but a entertaining and heartwarming story about coming of age. Like most New Adult books, its setting centers around college and campus life, and deals with a more mature issues such as loss of innocence, the search for independence, dealing with family struggles, as well as drug abuse.

My Summary:

Rory Macintosh’s roommates are on a secret mission, they want to help her lose her virginity, and they know the perfect guy who can help, Tyler Mann, the tattooed bad boy from their college campus. Tyler is intrigued and fascinated by Rory, and uses the opportunity as an excuse to try to get to know her better.

Rory has never had time for boys, she has always been too busy studying and too shy to make much effort when it comes to the opposite sex. Now shes not sure what to do when Tyler Mann starts hanging around, seeming way too interested in her.

What follows is a light, but heart-warming story about two people who probably would never have connected under normal circumstances, and how sometimes passion is fickle and likes to play matchmaker with the most unlikely of people.

The Characters:

Tyler is so much more than the pierced and tattooed bad boy character you think he is at the beginning of True. He comes from a broken home with a drug addict mother, and is doing everything he can just to keep his brothers together and safe. Despite these horrible circumstances, he is going to college and trying to make a better life for himself and his family. You can't but help but fall for this guy with a huge heart.  Tyler is sweet, caring, and very protective of those he loves. And just like Rory, Tyler has his own set of insecurities and hardships that he needs to overcome.

Rory is smart and sweet, with this honest and humorous personality that I found adorable. Her snarky comments about the mysteries of boys and sex kept me smiling.  Underneath her shy and awkwardness is a passionate young woman who is ready to explore dating and boys. What I found most endearing was her ability to remain true to herself and compassionate. Not only did she have to overcome her awkwardness, but Rory dealt with some pretty serious situations between Tyler and his family, not to mention conflict with her own father. I thought how she handles herself was pretty amazing.

The Romantic/Love Interest:

I loved seeing Rory and Tyler come together as a couple. It was fun and sometimes even heartrending to watch these two together, both trying hard to overcome so many obstacles to be with each other. The story would not have had the same depth and meaning without both Rory's and Tyler's families being a crucial part of the plot.  

Swoon Factor:

Amore. True is in the New Adult genre and contains more mature content and issues including sexual dialogue and/or content.

Swoon Factor "Quote"

"What are you doing?"

“I'm planning on kissing you. If that's okay."

"I haven't decided," I answered truthfully, backing up
a little and sinking into puffy coats as I

retreated to gather my thoughts.

His amusement came out in a soft exhalation and

he smiled. "Rory, you seriously kill me. I don’t

know a single other girl who would have

answered like that."

Tell me about it. "I'm sorry. But it's the truth."

"I don't want you to be sorry. I
like that about you."

What I liked:

I liked that True was more than a superficial story about a bad boy meeting a good girl. Again, Tyler's and Rory's family's involvement in the story played a crucial part to me, and really gave the story more credence.

What I would have liked or felt could have been better:

I would have like the ending to have not been so abrupt. After working so hard to overcome so many obstacles to be together, I felt a bit let down when True ended. I wanted more story about what they were like together without all the obstacles in the way, in fact, I wouldn't mind a second story about Rory and Tyler, and hopefully will see more of them in book two.

The Ending:

I'm glad that I got the chance to read True, and think fans of the New Adult genre with be pleasantly surprised. Rory and Tyler are great characters, and I enjoyed reading their story. I'm looking forward to Jessica's story next.

My Rating: 4 stars

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