Read-A-Long: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (Week Three Update)


Hi everybody, Welcome to the Read-A-Long for Anna and the French Kiss!  This fun event is hosted by the wonderful Molli at  Once Upon A Prologue and Suz at A Soul Unsung. Thanks Molli and Suz for hosting such a great event!

Anna and the French Kiss: Week Three Update Discussion Questions and Answers for the remainder book chapters. You can see what I wrote for week one here and week two here.

Week Three Questions and Answers

St Clair knows he needs to make a decision about his relationship with Anna, but his hesitation only hurts her.  Do you sympathize with him?

It's hard for me to sympathize with St Clair, he needed to make a decision about his relationship with Anna, and his hesitation only ended up hurting her. This was one of the few times I wish St Clair was a little more aggressive and taken on the situation better.

Anna is hurt by St Clair, and makes some bad decisions, relationship wise.  Do you sympathize with her, or not?

Definitely a bad decision on Anna's part. It just seemed awkward and weird for Anna. I could sympathize with her wanting to feel liked by someone, but not the way she went about it.
How would you have reacted in the park if you were Meredith? How do you think Anna handles the fall out with Meredith?

I can understand Meredith's reaction in the park, but at the same time, I think she was also in denial. All the signs were there between St Clair and Anna. I totally understood why Anna wanted to talk to Meredith and try to get a handle on the situation.
Anna has a meltdown in chapter 42 – do you think this was a break-through for her?  St Clair tells her that he isn’t the only one who is afraid of being alone.  Do you think Anna ever realized this before now?

Poor Anna. this was a hard lesson for her. Yes, it was definitely a break-through for her. I don't think Anna realized she was afraid to be alone until St Clair told her, and then it was a bit of a shock.
Were you proud of Anna for the steps she takes to repair the relationships in her life?

Yes, definitely. She truly cares about Meredith, and wants to mend the hurt in their relationship. Although it took a little while to mend it, I'm glad they did.  Yes, I was proud of Anna and the fact that she took the steps needed to repair her relationship with Meredith.