Read-A-Long: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (Week Two Update)

Hi everybody. Welcome to the Read-A-Long for Anna and the French Kiss!  This fun event is hosted by the wonderful Molli at  Once Upon A Prologue and Suz at A Soul Unsung. Thanks Molli and Suz for hosting such a great event!

    Anna and the French Kiss: Week Two Update Discussion and Questions for chapters 17 - 31. I finished the book last week, I just couldn't wait to see what happened with Anna and St Clair! Such a wonderful book, thanks Molli for inviting me for the read-a-long. You can see what I wrote for week one here.

    Week Two Questions

    At the end of what we read last, St Clair asked Anna a question that could change their friendship.  Would you answer the same way?

    I understand why Anna gave St Clair the answer she did, but I was so tempted for her to tell the truth. It just wasn't the right time for them to admit anything to each other.

    Anna realizes in Chapter 17 that she and St Clair will both be spending their Thanksgiving break at school, basically alone.  How do you think this changes their relation ship?

    I loved the time they got to spend with one another. Some really interresting things came out of their weekend alone, especially with no friends around. I laughed so much when the had the "innocent" sleepovers, they were so awkward and cute! I think it definitely brought them closer together.

    Anna and St Clair’s relationship changes even more over the Christmas holiday.  Do you think either of them realizes just HOW much?

    I think that their relationship was progressing as more than friends over Christmas holiday, but they still weren't ready to confront their feelings for each other yet. The long distance in a way brought them closer, unlike Toph!

    Anna has a big realization about her relationship with St Clair at the end of chapter 30.  Discuss!

    Finally, Anna admits her feelings for St Clair. (Even if it's only to herself, so far). The is a sweet moment,  you can just feel her overwhelming excitement and shock too.

    How do you think Anna will deal with her new feelings for St Clair?

    This is hard, Anna knows what St Clair said to her that one night in her room, but St Clair is still with Ellie.  Oh gosh, I just want to tell him for her, you know. They're killing me with torture.