My Favorite Books of 2013: End of the Year Post

Happy New Years Eve Everyone - It's the last day of 2013!

I've been so lucky this year to meet so many wonderful book bloggers and discover many new talented and creative authors. I wanted to share a few of my favorites. This post has really hard for me to narrow down, I really just wanted to show them all off! But, I manage to narrow it down to those few that I really enjoyed this year. And here they are!

Favorite New Series of Books in 2013


I read a ton of books in the debut and new series category for 2013 and very little sequels. I think it's because my blog is fairly new that I focused a lot on discovering new authors and young adult debuts this year. Above are some of my favorite reads that I am excited to continue the series. 

Favorite New Books Featuring A Young Protagonist/s


These are books that I simply adore. They all feature exciting young hero/heroines that I really enjoyed reading about. This year I hope to include even more books in this age group since it's an important one to me.

Favorite Descriptive Books I Loved


I love highly descriptive book, with lush words. Ones that can conjure up feelings through their prose. These are some of my favorites I've read this year!


What are your 2013 favorites this year? Are you surprised when you look back at your reviews, ratings and feelings, did they remain the same? You can check out any of my reviews here or on Goodreads :)

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