Ondine by Heather Graham

ONDINE is a lush historical romance novel which was originally published in 1988 under Heather Graham’s pen name Shannon Drake and has recently been reissued with a gorgeous new cover. 

Fans of Shannon Drake/ Heather Graham can fall in love all over again with Ondine and Warwick’s passionate love story. New readers are treated to a historical romance that still remains a classic at heart. I could not resist rereading ONDINE as Drake’s novels were some of my first HR reads and I’m happy to say that I was once again swept away by her writing. 

The Diabolic by S. J. Kincaid

THE DIABOLIC is a new YA science fiction thriller by author S. J. Kincaid that is filled with political intrigue, twists and dark deceptions complete with an anti-heroine who's trained as a lethal weapon: one that is masquerading as a senator's daughter being held a hostage of the galactic court where games of deceit can mean death.


Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin

Vivid, action-packed and thought provoking, BLOOD FOR BLOOD concludes Ryan Graudin's Wolf by Wolf series with an unforgettable ending that left me breathless. Beautiful and haunting - I won't soon forget Yael's story.

The Bloodsworn by Erin Lindsey

Filled with epic battles, beyond the pages characters, and heartfelt romance, BLOODSWORN is the final novel in Erin Lindsey's epic fantasy series Bloodbound which gives fans the stellar ending they have been waiting for.

The Secret Life of Lincoln Jones by Wendelin Van Draanen

THE SECRET LIFE OF LINCOLN JONES is told through the humorous voice of an eleven-year-old Lincoln Jones, a boy who finds an escape from everyday life through his notebook where psychic vampires, wheelchair zombies, and a one-eyed cat fill the pages. Now, if he can only avoid his real life dilemma of a girl named Kandi Kain who is far too nosy, wanting to know what's in his notebooks and why he never talks to anyone.